The Buran Orbiter mission

Probably because my previous effort in helping Christophe has been super valued, Runar (rthorvald) asked me if I could help find the data needed to show the first (and only) orbital flight of the Russian Orbiter - Buran, the close relative of the US Shuttle. Obviously I accepted, and you can find the results in rthorvalds page.


It has been a difficult task, as available information and documents are mostly in Russian, so I needed a long time to find the texts that could be interesting for our project, to translate each of them, just to find most of the time that they spoke of something we already had found or was not related to it at all.


But at the end we had all the needed data to make a full reconstruction of the historic flight due on Nov 15, 1988, totally unmanned, with take-off and landing obtained automatically.



My article on the Buran Mission

Runars model