The Flight of Buran [19,2 MB zipped]
This is the scenario. If you already have Celestia 1.5, just grab this.

Extra launch details [876 KB zipped]
Adds smoke and exhaust plumes to the launch. Warning: very memory-intensive.
Expect simulation slowdowns if you install this, but also a spectacular Lift-Off scene.

If you do not have Celestia 1.5, get it at It is free!

Linuxm@ns Back to the USSR
If you would like a scenic backdrop to Burans launch and landing, get
his N1-Lune Celestia Addon from this page. It will show you the
Baikonur complex in Celestia.

    System requirements
  • Celestia 1.5 for OSX, Linux or Windows
  • A reasonably modern computer
  • 51 MB available disk space

  • Installation
  • Locate your Celestia/Extras/AddOns folder, and unzip the package there
  • If the AddOns folder does not exist at that location, just use the Extras folder
  • Double-click the th_buran.celx file that comes with the zip