This is a science-fiction scenario written for Celestia. It is in some ways a story, in some ways a huge, 3-dimensional virtual world to explore. It is not a game, although it has some game-like properties. Basically, it is a worldbuilding project with a deep back story you can explore, together with a few mysteries to solve if you are observant and persistent.

To get any joy out of it, you need some basic knowledge about how to navigate in Celestia. If the program is new to you, visit the documentation section on the Motherlode and download one of the tutorials found there. Otherwise, just download the scenario and have fun!

The story
Memory of the Waves chronicles the history of four extraterrestrial civilisations as it unfolds over almost four thousand years. You can jump to any point in the timeline to witness a particular event, see cities rise and fall, follow their spacecraft and discover their purposes and fates, or see entire worlds change with time. But do not take it too seriously - there are silly things to find if you look for them, but also beautiful scenery to contemplate, and, of course, there is the underlying mystery of why it all happens - if you care to look closely enough.

A few screenshots:


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Celestial Matters